In our interconnected world, seamless connectivity is essential, especially for mobile devices. It’s crucial for delivering a reliable solution that maintains connections without causing backend issues. Overall, many challenges stand in the way of fleet IoT telematics. Maintaining seamless connectivity is crucial for real-time data transmission.

However, vehicles often operate in areas with poor or no network coverage, leading to potential data loss or delayed transmission, which can affect fleet management operations. As fleets grow, scaling IoT solutions to accommodate more vehicles and devices can be challenging. Systems must be able to handle increased data volume and maintain performance without significant downtime or degradation.

The initial setup of IoT systems, including the cost of devices, sensors, software, and infrastructure, can be substantial. Small and medium-sized fleets may find these costs prohibitive. There is a lack of standardization in IoT devices and communication protocols, leading to compatibility issues.

This fragmentation makes it challenging to ensure smooth interoperability between different devices and systems. IoT devices in vehicles often rely on battery power. Ensuring a long battery life and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement is critical for the consistent operation of these devices.

Fleet IoT telematics, systems must comply with various regulations and standards related to data privacy, security, and transportation. Keeping up with changing regulations and ensuring compliance can be complex and time-consuming.

Discover how floLIVE and Quake Global integrate their technologies to provide global connectivity across borders and networks for the telematics industry.

This webinar clarifies these technologies, explores their combined potential, and discusses their applications across various mobile industries.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the technologies used to achieve global coverage
  • Insights into the combined benefits and applications in the telematics industry
  • Strategies for implementing these technologies in your projects
  • Awareness of challenges and best practices for successful implementation
  • A glimpse into future trends shaping connectivity solutions


Curtis Govan
Curtis Govan
Vice President Americas, floLIVE
Senior Internet of Things (IoT), SaaS, and telecommunications sales leader, with 26+ years of experience, leveraging technical and business acumen to develop innovative solutions and strategies that drive exceptional sales results.
Dean Richmond
Dean Richmond
North America Director, Quake Global
Sales and Marketing Management Professional with expertise in building teams, stream lining processes, improving customer experience, managing partners, reducing costs, and creating new revenue programs. Entrepreneurial and Global Cross Functional Leader with recognition of excellence in product and services launch.
floLIVE offers hyperlocal, global connectivity paired with our cloud-based and API-centric infrastructure, fully developed by floLIVE's team.
floLIVE offers hyperlocal, global connectivity paired with our cloud-based and API-centric infrastructure, fully developed by floLIVE's team.