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UnaBiz Sets New Record for Wi-Fi Geolocation Accuracy
UnaBiz has achieved over 90 percent geolocation success rate with the evolution of its Sigfox Atlas Wifi service.
UnaBiz Jun 6, 2024
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Golioth Launches Pipelines
Golioth announced the launch of Pipelines, a groundbreaking set of features that transforms the way users manage and route IoT data.
Golioth May 28, 2024
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Datablaze Introduces DB1 Multi-Carrier IoT SIM Solution
Datablaze has announced an addition to the company’s cellular connectivity portfolio: the DB1 multi-carrier global SIM solution.
Datablaze May 27, 2024
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Kigen and GlobalPlatform Enhance Standards for NB-IoT
GlobalPlatform's latest update will help stakeholders accelerate adoption of robust end-to-end security in IoT devices and more.
Kigen May 24, 2024
Press Release
Vantiva Smart Storage: Industry’s First Unified Operations Management Platform
Vantina announced the launch of the Vantiva Smart Storage Version 1.0 operations management platform.
Vantiva May 23, 2024
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Akenza Introduces 3D Building Twins for Advanced Data Visualization
Akenza is announces its 3D floorplan component, which enables the visualization of building data into highly customizable digital twins.
Akenza AG May 20, 2024
Bluetooth Low Energy
RF-star Expands Automotive Wireless Solutions with Bluetooth Modules
RF-star announces the expansion of its Bluetooth module lineup tailored specifically for automotive applications.
RF-star May 17, 2024
Greece Selects Constrat to Deploy 7,000 Water Meters
Municipality of Parga selects Constrat to deploy 7,000 water meters in Greece with Sigfox Hellas to transform water management in Greece.
UnaBiz May 16, 2024
Press Release
KORE Appointed to Board of Directors for The Medical Alert Monitoring Associatio...
The Medical Alert Monitoring Association (MAMA) announces the appointment of Dan Cebula, VP for Connected Health at KORE to their Board.
KORE May 14, 2024
Remote Management
Iveda Launches LevelNOW for Efficient Liquid Storage Management
Iveda announced the launch of LevelNOW, a next generation tracking and monitoring solution for efficient liquid storage management.
David Ly May 9, 2024
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